Sunday, December 6, 2009

Crusty Mexican Chicken

Surprisingly easy and delicious! This simple chicken meal had the perfect crunch to top moist, flavorful chicken. My husband even commented after his first bite how much he liked it! That is very, very rare in my household. Thanks Becky for this new go-to recipe!

Crusty Mexican Chicken

3 Tbs. lime juice
3 Tbs. honey
1 tsp. chili powder
2 chicken breasts
1/2 cup crushed tortilla strips
1/4 cup cheese

Marinate chicken in lime juice, chili powder and honey mixture for at least 10 minutes. Roll in chips. Bake at 425 for 15 minutes.
Sprinkle chicken with cheese and broil until cheese is melted.

1/3 cup diced tomatoes
1/3 cup salsa
1/4 cup cilantro
1 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp oregano

Blend tomatoes, salsa, cilantro, garlic and oregano. Bring to a boil.

Place chicken on plate, top with sauce, and garnish with cilantro.

Recipe adapted from: Becky Cox
Serves 2

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teresa said...

yummy! i made your empanadas too, they were delish!