Thursday, May 24, 2012

Asian Chicken Salad

I ate this yummy salad every day for about a week, or until the dressing ran out and I had to run to the store again:) The perfect crunch of the won tons with the tangy dressing just makes me a happy girl. We even ate this for dinner one night, and hubbs highly approved.

Asian Chicken Salad
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1 chicken breast, sauteed in Olive oil and thinly sliced
6 cups lettuce or spinach
¼ bunch cilantro, stems removed
¼ cup  Asain sesame dressing
1-2 tablespoons slivered almonds, toasted
15 Mandarin oranges
¼ cup fried won ton slices

Combine all ingredients into a bowl & toss to coat. Divide between two dishes and Serve

Serves 2.


ponyswimgal said...

Sounds really yummy -- any particular Asian sesame dressing that you used?

Chef Jeff said...

You have a very wonderful blog. Thank you for sharing your delicious food with us. It's 6:49am and my mouth is watering as I read the recipes.


Joe Max said...

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