Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grilled cheese and Bacon Sammies

Talk about grilled cheese sandwiches with a kick! These were 100% delicious and so much fun. They had a perfect crunch to the crust, as well as the salty-savory combo of the melted cheese and bacon crisps. If you ever want to make the plain old grilled cheese it is.

Grilled Cheese and Bacon Sammies

4 slices whole wheat toast
1/2 cup cheese
2 slices bacon, cooked and diced
2 Tbs. butter

Melt 1 Tbs. butter in skillet on low heat. While butter is melting, place 1/4 cup cheese on 2 slices of bread.
Scatter 1 slice of diced bacon on each slice. Top with second slice of bread. Place sandwich in skillet with butter. Cook on one side, about 5 minutes. Melt remaining 1 Tbs. of butter in skillet. Turn sandwich over and cook until browned and cheese is melted.

Serves 2.

Recipe from Rachel Ray

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