Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cookie Cooking Class

I went to another cooking class this morning...this one was at Williams-Sonoma. (Ps-I love that store, I am pretty sure I could spend every penny of every one of my paychecks there! I don't...not worries...I just cry at night instead.:) Anyway, it was a great class and I am going to keep going to them on Saturday mornings at 9:00. We are already up for the Laundry Mat, so, Why not, right? I learned how to do royal frosting on sugar cookies that you think only pros can do! Also, I learned lots of basic tips that make cookie making easier: 

Make sure all ingredients are at room temperature
only roll out your dough 2 times or it gets too tough
stamp your cookie cutters from the OUTSIDE get more cookies from your dough
spray pam in cookie cutters prior to cutting, the dough will slip out easier

I know these are all pretty basic, but they will help me make yummier cookies, for sure! I can't wait to show you the beautiful ones that I make! (Okay, they might be LESS than beautiful, since they will be my first ones!The ones above are not mine!)


jen said...

I'm glad I got to stand by you. :) Too bad you didn't get to stay although I'm sure the baptism was much cooler than staying there. Let's have a gf and gf-filled sugar cookie decorating party! :)

Emily said...

Hi Chelsea! I just found your amazing blog the other day and decided to pass on a blog award to you for your brilliant blogging! Check out my blog to collect it!

Johnny & Alli said...

Hello. I found your blog through Heather Lively and I am a stay at home mom who loves cooking. I have been trying to become a "pro" at cookie decorating and was wondering if you use any special decorating utensils. I have this rubber pastry brush that doesn't seem to work very well. Any suggestions? Thank you. And your cooking looks amazing and your kitchen is beautiful!