Saturday, August 30, 2008

Menu: Week 1

Well, here goes nothing! My friend Brianne was talking about how she wishes that I could just plan her menu for her week by week, and I thought this would be an easy way to do it. Each week I will post the 5 or 6 meals that I made the previous week; we tend to eat out 1 or 2 times each week...I know, that is so bad! Sometimes I need a little break, though! I am really excited to do this, not only to help out Brianne, but also to keep me on the ball of our menu's. I am always trying new recipes, but probably only 1-2 times a week in order to keep my hubby sane; therefore, I am sure that you will see some repeats. We all have our favorites, right?! Here is our menu for Week 1, click on the links to be connected to the recipe! Enjoy!

Monday: Honey Mustard Chicken, Brown rice, steamed broccoli, and hedgehogs
Tuesday: Calzones, house salad and Chocolate Cake sauce to DIE for!
Wednesday: Orange Chicken with Brown Rice and corn
Thursday: Spinach, Bacon, and Swiss Quiche and hashbrowns
Friday: Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas, with house salad and cantaloupe


Ally Mack said...

Ok, you are super cute!! I may see myself stealing some of your weekly menu's. Let you do all the work of planning. :) That is the worst part for me, planning my meals for the week. I don't mind the shopping part. I have a couple good recipes you would love looking at your style... I should send them to you. keep it up.. :)

Brianne, Dan and Lana!! said...

haha chels....this is great for my lazy butt! It might help me actually cook. Dan will be very grateful to you!