Saturday, January 10, 2009

Burnt Butter Gnocchi

Me and my hubbs made dinner together tonight, and it was so much fun! (Well, besides the fact that I was a little distracted when slicing the bread for our Garlic Cheese toast and I sliced my hand...then lighting the entire paper towel roll on fire while trying to stop the bleeding...that's a story for another day!) Cody is an absolute PRO at burnt butter anything...I had never even eaten burnt butter food until I married him, and boy was I missing out. It is so delicious, extremely easy, and pretty much the most fattening dish of your day!!! All good reasons to make this meal, right?
Some people have never heard of Gnocchi, what a sad, sad life you lead! I am so happy to be the one to introduce you to these wonderful little potato dumplings. SOMEDAY I will make homemade gnocchi...I am sad to say, but today is not that day. It is just so dang easy to pick them up in the pasta isle at the grocery store, and they taste divine. (I have an italian friend who has offered to teach me, I need to take her up on it before I have to move away from her...maybe that will be one of my resolutions...I will ask her this week! Be prepared, Stef!)
We don't always eat gnocchi burnt-butter style, most often we make a pink sauce (1/2 alfredo, 1/2 tomato, easy as that). Today we mixed it up a little, and this was the result....ENJOY!

1 package Gnocchi (We love Target's Archer Farms brand)
1/4 cup butter

Cook gnocchi according to package directions. (If you have never made it before, the directions might sound odd. YES, really only boil them until a few pop up to the top, then drain immediately.) While gnocchi is boiling, melt butter in a saucepan on medium heat. Continue to cook butter until it is a dark golden brown. (You can see the color of the butter along the top of the pan in this photo).

Drain gnocchi and pour into burnt butter pan. Saute for about 2 minutes or until changes to a light golden brown and creates a semi-crunchy crust. Top with salt and pepper and enjoy!

I serve gnocchi with this recipe for Garlic Cheese Bread.

Serves 4.


ensadler said...

Thanks for the post and the info on where to find it. I will be looking for it at Target on Thursday!! Burnt butter is the BEST, but as you said not too healthy! I bet Jace will LOVE these!

Liz said...

I have wanted to try gnocchi and it sounds like burnt butter is the perfect compliment. Actually I can't think of anything that would not taste better with a little burnt butter on it. I see some of yummy (but fattening) Winterholler cooking habits are rubbing off! Grandma Winterholler would be proud!