Monday, January 26, 2009

Out of Commission (AKA the kitchen!)

I will be out of the kitchen for 90 days! Hopefully, hubbs and I are trying to do P90X, and it has a rather intense diet. The only way that recipes will be posted is if they are:

A) Super-Duper healthy or
B) I am making them to take to someone else!

We are going to give ourselves some leeway on Fridays...but I am pretty sure we will be eating some well-deserved P.F. Chang's or Cafe Rio on that night! Who knows, maybe I will make meals and donate them to neighbors just because I miss the kitchen! (And to make my cousins happy who have already complained at the lack of recipes to come!)

Click Here to find out more about our P90X plan!


Ashley Wray said...

Well as I said, good luck, but I'm always looking for healthier meal plans, so if you whip anything up please fo share.
Oh, and not to make you lose your willpower, but I made your lemon bar recipe yesterday to take to my Visiting Teachee's, a-ma-zing! I've never made lemon bars before but these were so delish! Good thing I delivered most of them or I think I could have finished the pan myself!

Brian and chelsea said...

I vote for option A! Definitely would love to see the healthy recipes you whip up.